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Welcome, 192 Brewing Company!

Burlington, WA - Cheers! Justin Youngquist Racing is proud to announce a new partnership with 192 Brewing Company, based out of Kenmore, Washington. With eight different beers including the Happy Dance Heff and Skagit Shticky Blonde, (made from grains sourced locally in the Skagit Valley),192 Brewing is expanding north to Mount Vernon, Washington and will be opening the 192 Taproom and Beer Garden this summer!

Justin Brester photo

About 192 Brewing:

In 2006, a friend suggested we try home brewing, since we enjoy beer so much. That weekend, a friend and I brewed our first batch: a Pilsner style from a home brew kit; you pour two cans together, boil, and voila! Beer. It turned out so well, we brewed again! A month later – this time, partial grain. The third batch we tried with a full grain system. Approximately a year later in 2007, we decided that our friends were drinking so much of our beer that we could sustain a microbrewery and applied for a license. Another year passed by and we were informed that we could not operate a brewery as is: in a garage attached to a house. We then set out to build the brewery; a 192 square foot (12×16) shed in DW’s backyard. Originally named Trouble Brewing and threatened with lawsuit, we set out to come up with a new name. A friend suggested naming the brewery after the buildings square footage: 192 Brewing. It stuck. In Fall ’09, we finally received our official brewer’s license from the federal government. Just two months later, we attended our very first festival: Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend. Later that Spring, we had the honor of being the Hometown Brewery Representative for the Father’s Day Beer Festival at St. Edward State Park; upon arrival we were welcomed by the Mayor himself. Our first year of production, we produced just about 10 barrels of beer. Every year since then, our production has about quadrupled, as we continue to add new recipes to our lineup.

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